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INRIX Projects Annual Cost of Gridlock

Today INRIX completed a study with the Center for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) projecting the combined annual cost of traffic gridlock in Europe and the US will soar to $293 billion by 2030 if nothing significant is done to address it.  This is almost a 50% increase from 2013, driven mainly by urban population growth and higher living standards as a result of increased GPD per capital.

What can be done?  The key is to make data-driven decisions.  Drivers make better decisions about when to drive and where to drive if they have real-time information available to them.  Too often governments make decisions based on politics and not data about what will have the biggest impact on reducing congestion.

Better data = better decisions = reduced congestion.  At INRIX, we’re trying to do our part to provide this.

My Next Car

I had the privilege of attending the 2014 BMW Supplier awards and found my next (dream) car…the BMW i8.

  • Plug-in Hybrid (like the former Fisker Karma): the best of both worlds.  The energy consumption and convenience of never having to stop for gas during your daily commute, but the comfort of knowing you can travel long distances if you need to on gas without having to spend hours at a charging station.
  • Multi-modal routing (provided by INRIX of course!): routes you to your destination the quickest way even if that includes taking a train or a bus.
  • Absolutely killer styling: looks like a top-of-the-line sports car (because it is), not like a traditional electric like the Leaf, Volt or Tesla.

During the event, BMW let us all drive their new car…unfortunately not the i8, but rather the new 2-series Active Tourer.  Nice car and it was fun driving it over the Netherlands, but it’s not the i8!

phoca_thumb_l_BMW_SIA_2014_19       phoca_thumb_l_BMW_SIA_2014_12

Why I’m Now Blogging

Yes, I know everyone else has been blogging forever, but given my day job (running a company), I just haven’t found the time or the need.  However, in my position at CEO of INRIX I’m watching first-hand how the automotive and transportation industries are changing.

I used to live in Detroit and work at the Ford Motor Company.  I loved cars, but for about 100 years, the car fundamentally hasn’t changed – body styles changed and new features were added (e.g., power steering, power seats) but nothing truly revolutionary.

Until now…

Between the electric vehicle, autonomous driving, connected car services, vehicle-t0-vehicle communication, ride-sharing services and many more innovations, the automotive industry and transportation in general is *fundamentally* changing – it will look completely different in 10-20 years than it does today.  100 years and no big changes…the next 10 will change everything.

That’s exciting!  And also why I’m now blogging…to share my thoughts to whomever is interested.