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INRIX Partners with Samsung

INRIX on Gear Watch

Proud to say INRIX has entered a strategic partnership with Samsung focused on levering mobile technology to connect cars for smarter cities.   Debuting on Samsung’s new lineup of mobile devices just in time for the holidays, INRIX real-time traffic and travel time insight powers several new apps and services designed to help drivers save time, fuel and avoid frustration every day including:

  •  “Car Mode.”  Consumers can set their device to automatically switch to a driver friendly user interface that uses voice controls and larger, crisper fonts and button sizes to make it easier to get traffic information, make calls, listen to messages and play music on the road.  Car mode provides real-time traffic maps showing the best routes, travel times and ETAs to home and work in traffic.  Continuously monitoring conditions on the driver’s route throughout their journey, car mode also provides voice alerts to drivers about accidents and other incidents in enough time to avoid delays as well as access to real-time insight into the closest available off-street parking and least expensive place to refuel.
  •  “My Places” Widget.  Samsung’s new My Places widget provides Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge owners with ‘glance and go’ insight into the best route, travel time and ETA from their current location to home and to work.
  • Samsung Gear S Smartwatch and INRIX XD Traffic app integration.  INRIX XD Traffic app users now can receive departure alerts for saved places in the app that tells them the best time to leave and expected travel time in traffic to their destination.
  •  “Morning!” Smart Alarm Clock App.  Morning! Smart Alarm Clock is a smart alarm app that gets you up and going with weather, traffic conditions to work, your appointments of the day, and unread emails – all to help you get your day started right. INRIX helps this app jump start commuters’ day each morning with insight into recommended departure times and travel times in traffic to work and alerts to accidents and other incidents causing delays on their route.

My Next Car

I had the privilege of attending the 2014 BMW Supplier awards and found my next (dream) car…the BMW i8.

  • Plug-in Hybrid (like the former Fisker Karma): the best of both worlds.  The energy consumption and convenience of never having to stop for gas during your daily commute, but the comfort of knowing you can travel long distances if you need to on gas without having to spend hours at a charging station.
  • Multi-modal routing (provided by INRIX of course!): routes you to your destination the quickest way even if that includes taking a train or a bus.
  • Absolutely killer styling: looks like a top-of-the-line sports car (because it is), not like a traditional electric like the Leaf, Volt or Tesla.

During the event, BMW let us all drive their new car…unfortunately not the i8, but rather the new 2-series Active Tourer.  Nice car and it was fun driving it over the Netherlands, but it’s not the i8!

phoca_thumb_l_BMW_SIA_2014_19       phoca_thumb_l_BMW_SIA_2014_12