The Masterplan: MOBILITY FOR ALL! – The Disruption of the Automotive Industry and Reinvention of Mobility

Fantastic article by Johann Jungwirth, the Chief Digital Officer at VW, on the transformational trends impacting the automobile industry:

Many of us aren’t aware yet how historical the times we live in are. Because not just the automobile is being reinvented through the digital revolution, also the mobility itself is being reinvented: self-driving vehicles without steering wheel and pedals will be driving people and goods through the first cities in just a few years. Overall we are experiencing at the moment the disruption of the automotive industry in three dimensions which are orthogonal to each other:

  1. Digitalization: from human drivers to self-driving vehicles
  2. Sustainability: from combustion engines to electric drive
  3. Urbanization: from ownership to shared mobility


About Bryan Mistele

I'm Bryan Mistele, the founder & CEO of INRIX, the leading provider of traffic information, connected car services and transportation analytics. I’m a Microsoft, HBS and UofM alum. Father of two great kids, one lovely wife and a very time-consuming company. Passionate about boating, politics and Christianity.

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