Seattle Surpasses Silicon Valley @ CES 2016

Great article by Roger Lanctot at Strategy Analytics:

Companies headquartered in Seattle, Wash., had an outsize influence in connected car launches and related announcements at CES.  From Microsoft’s head unit integration with Harman to UIEvolution’s integration of SDLink smartphone connectivity at Toyota the coffee-infused aroma of Seattle innovation was palpable.

INRIX – In the midst of engineering an aggressive re-architecting of its content and service delivery strategy as part of a run up to a long-anticipated IPO, INRIX touted recent traffic, weather, parking and fuel information wins with OEMs including Tesla, Porsche, BMW, Lexus (Europe) and Volvo (China).  The company is simultaneously positioning itself to lead the drive toward smart city system development in partnership with larger IT companies.  Announcements of additional OEM wins are anticipated.


About Bryan Mistele

I'm Bryan Mistele, the founder & CEO of INRIX, the leading provider of traffic information, connected car services and transportation analytics. I’m a Microsoft, HBS and UofM alum. Father of two great kids, one lovely wife and a very time-consuming company. Passionate about boating, politics and Christianity.

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